Strongest Bulletproof Vest In The World

Published: 01st January 2006
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An Israeli company has developed a material that could very well become the armor of the future.

According to the report, this nanotechnology-created armor is "five times stronger than steel and at least twice as strong as any impact-resistant material currently in use as protective gear."

A sample of this new material was subjected to severe shocks generated by a steel projectile traveling at velocities of up to 1.5 km/second. The material withstood pressures up to 250 tons per square centimeter, or the equivalent of dropping four diesel locomotives onto an area the size of your fingernail.

Currently the company is only able to produce a few kilograms of this material each day, but there are plans for mass production by 2007 and the likelihood of the first product rollout in less than three years.

IsraCast December 9, 2005

Dr. Mercola's Comment:Nanotechnology comes through again. As you all probably know, I am a major proponent of technology and have run several articlesin the past about the potential impact of nanotechnology on health care.

Bulletproof armor is just the tip of the iceberg for applications. Scientists are currently exploring how to use nanotechnology to create wet-suit-like gear for soldiers that would not only be bulletproof, but keep out chemical weapons and even increase jumping ability.

There are already stain-resistant pants on the market that were created using nanotechnology.

In terms of health care, at some point nanotechnology will likely allow us to remove obstructions in the circulatory system, kill cancer cells, repair organs, create artificial mitochondrion and view tissue samples with extraordinary detail.

The debate is just beginning to surface of whether it is best to move ahead and focus on the good that could come out of nanotech inventions, or slow down for fear of the life-changing and unforeseeable events that are sure to surface as this technology progresses. But one way or another, it seems clear that nanotechnology will change all of our lives.

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