How You Can Successfully Treat TB Without Drugs

Published: 01st April 2006
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Two new studies have linked vitamin D to the successful prevention and treatment of tuberculosis (TB).

The first study determined that vitamin D is key to the molecular mechanism that the body employs to fight tuberculosis. White blood cells convert vitamin D into an active form that helps make a proteinthat kills tuberculosis bacteria.

In the second study, Indonesian scientists compared the effect of vitamin D versus a placebo on almost 70 tuberculosis patients for some nine months. Treating tuberculosis patients with 10,000 units of vitamin D daily versus the much smaller amount (400 units) usually advocated by conventional medicine led to a 100 percent cure rate.These findings could lead to the use of the vitamin as a means to prevent and cure the disease.

Science February 23, 2006Acta Med Indones January-March 2006; 38(1): February 23, 2006

Dr. Mercola's Comment:Theamazing health benefitsof vitamin Dcontinue to regularly accumulate. I believe that this is one of its most amazing benefits.

That 100 percent cure rate at high dose levels is a remarkable testimony to the benefit of natural therapies. It really is sad that conventional medicine has long abandoned this important treatment option and now relies on triple drug regimens to treat TB.

Of course I don't recommend or advise using high-dose vitamin D supplementation without regularly checking your blood levels as it is potentially dangerous to do otherwise. However, that is only if you use vitamin D as an oral supplement.

Vitamin D has been nicknamed the "sunshine vitamin" becauseyour exposedskin produces itwhen it is exposed toa sufficient quantity ofultraviolet light. If you receive your vitamin D this way you will achieve virtually ideal levels of the vitamin without any danger of overdose and eliminate the need for testing.

This is one of the reasons why I livepart time in Maui in the winter months; so I can obtain regular doses of sunshine. Far better option than remaining in cold and dark Chicago. It just amazes me how it is very rare to find anyone with a cold or flu here in Maui.

So be sure to get outside regularly and receive regular exposure tosunshine. Take some time for yourself and work up to the point where you get one hour of sun on your skin every day it is possible.

For those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere, the colder, shorter days of winter make it darn impossible for our bodies to get enough sunshine, thus generate healthy amounts of vitamin D. Until spring has sprung, you'll want to take a high-quality cod liver oil, which contains high amounts of the vitamin, and then switch back to fish oil as the opportunity for sun exposure increases.

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